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International Field Biology Training (FBT) Program

These courses are available to students from Canada and abroad, whereby you are sent to a region of the world to study the topic of interest. For example, enrollment in primatology courses lead to studying primates in Costa Rica or Nicaragua. Applicants do not need to have a biology or ecology background, however in order to take our courses, only an interest in biology or ecology. Courses, programs and projects are available in Ethnobotany, Primatology and Rainforest ecology.To facilitate the application procedure it is helpful to have the following items;

1. As a minimum a copy of their High School diploma, college or university degree/diploma or transcript

2. Have a strong interest in field biology, field botany, medicinal plants/ethnobotany, primatology or field ornithology with intensions of finding employment or special interest and submit this in writing to the Program Director, International FBT Program


General Field Assistant Training (FAT) Program

These courses may only be taken in Ontario and are not open to international students from other countries. The courses are also governed by a letter of exemption issued by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

The focus of the certification courses in the FAT program are designed to provide professional skill upgrades. In order to qualify students must have;

i. A degree or diploma from a recognized academic institution and/or

ii. 3 - 5 years of practical experience or working knowledge

Any college or university diploma or degree will suffice from any discpline. To apply to any General FAT Program courses students must submit;

1. A copy of their transcript from college/university,

2. A copy of their diploma/degree

3. A completed application form (available on our website)

4. Reference forms completed by at least three (3) elected referees

5. Non-refundable registration fee ($680.00 CAD) to hold your spot in the program of your choice

As a general rule we may ask for the above 5 items if you are applying to the International FBT program.